Tips for Closing a Sales Deal

gfcu logoPracticing sales techniques to become an effective closer is vital to any business development efforts. Here are a few tips to consider when you’re working any business deal:

NOW is the time
Often, people commit to deals as soon as they can get around to it. You’ll be more likely to refocus their attention by creating a sense of urgency. Try tactics such as a small discount or service agreement.

Go further than “Yes”
There are a lot of obstacles that can arise between the time when someone says “Yes” and actually signs the dotted line, such as having second thoughts or the competition moving in. If you’ve received a verbal interest and commitment, strive to get them to complete a written agreement so you can continue moving forward.

Showoff a little
Throughout the sales cycle, stay on top of mind by funneling helpful new information about your business. This could be a new product release, a recent news story or even a client testimonial.

Stop talking and listen
Avoid making your pitch a monologue. Open your ears and listen to the target’s needs and wants so you can customize your solutions for them.

Avoid tricks
If you feel the need to bend the truth, it’s probably time to re-evaluate the relationship. If you can’t offer them true value, you’re most likely not in a good position to close any deal.

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