RABA KISTNER, Inc. Announces Leadership Changes

CS & PL at RK Home OfficeThe Board of Directors of RABA KISTNER, Inc. today announced that as of January 1, 2013, Chris Schultz, PE, PMP and Paul Lampe have accepted co-leadership of RABA KISTNER Consultants, Inc., one of its wholly-owned subsidiaries.

PortraitsChris Schultz, PE, who has been with RABA KISTNER Consultants since 1990, has been promoted to President and Chief Operating Officer of Consultants.  Schultz has been Senior Vice President since 2004 and will continue to act as Practice Leader for Geotechnical engineering.

“Paul and I have a lot of our time, heart and energy invested in this company,” said Schultz, “We know that we are taking over leadership of an exceptionally dedicated group of employees. This staff has long served a diverse group of clients who are interested in delivering a quality product to their own customers – whether employees, tenants or members of the public.  We look forward to working with the Raba Kistner Consultants team to strengthen our relationships with those clients.

“The Design and Construction Industry is changing, particularly with regard to project delivery methods, that will require our Company to adapt the way we provide our services.  However, one thing that cannot change is providing value for our clients through those services in a responsive manner.  We will continue this longstanding Raba Kistner tradition,” finished Schultz.

Paul Lampe_High Res_ColorPaul Lampe, who has been with RABA KISTNER Consultants since 1981, will assume responsibilities as Executive Vice President. Lampe has been serving as Senior Vice President since 2004 and will continue to act as Practice Leader for Construction Materials engineering, testing and construction inspections.

“Chris and I have worked together at Raba Kistner for 22 years, providing services to both regional and San Antonio area clients,” said Lampe. We look forward to an expanded role in supporting operations and clients in all of our offices.

“One area that I really look forward to is working with our clients to use more recycled construction materials”, continued Lampe. “Raba Kistner Consultants, invested in this field over 10 years ago and I’m happy to say that with support from the LEED program, it is really becoming a preferred choice for new construction.” (For more information on this topic, see Paul’s recent article, dated December, 2012, Deconstruction LEEDS Owners to a More Successful Project).

“Chris Schultz and Paul Lampe, both Shareholders, have shown real commitment to RABA KISTNER Consultants for many years, responding to client needs, long term growth planning, staff development and industry leadership,” said William Raba, President of the holding company, RABA KISTNER, Inc. “This action is to support expanding the company’s reach and growing our staff and service capabilities over the coming years. “

Robert Costigan, Ph.D., PE, former President and COO of RABA KISTNER Consultants, has announced his retirement and has become a Senior Consultant to the company.

Founded in 1968, RABA KISTNER Inc., is an Engineering News-Record “Top 500 Firm,” operating in ten different markets in Texas, Utah, and México. RABA KISTNER Consultants, Inc., headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, provides project management and oversight services, including construction materials engineering, testing, and observation and geotechnical engineering, testing and pavement consulting. Other services provided by RABA KISTNER companies include environmental engineering and consulting, infrastructure oversight and quality management programs, and facilities assessment and rehabilitation.