Infrastructure Council


The North San Antonio Chamber Infrastructure Council serves as a resource and strategic advocate for San Antonio regional infrastructure planning and development to improve the quality of life for our members and stakeholders. Council serves as a vehicle for proposed (policy/actions) to Executive Council/Board.

2024 Goal:  Create an infrastructure forum unique to the region where the council can serve as a think tank and gain exclusive, helpful insights.

2024 Objective: Provide unique program content with expanded group discussions and agency engagement.

Advocacy | Infrastructure & Innovation: Transportation & Ports, Energy, Technology, & Healthcare—Preserve existing and support new revenue sources for all transportation modes. Support innovative, cost-effective solutions strengthening all aspects of energy and utilities. Support innovative technology and broadband connectivity. Support expanded consumer healthcare access with lower business costs. Support funding for biomedical research and higher education infrastructure.


Infrastructure Council Chair


Andrew Hunt
Project Control


Infrastructure Council Vice-Chair