Prism Technologies Group celebrates 10 year anniversary

Prism Technologies GroupPrism Technologies Group, an IT managed services company recently announced its 10th anniversary, and its leadership is proud of its accomplishments and service within the San Antonio community where it conducts business-to-business offerings.

Thriving versus surviving
Prism Technologies Group has been able to thrive in the IT industry because of their business approach. Their focus is to service clients by providing solutions versus focusing on sales. “We’re not just selling hardware and software,” said Bryan Guinn, president of Prism Technologies Group. “We’re questioning if the hardware and software is going to help our clients now and in the future, and then we tailor our offerings to meet those needs.”

Guinn says Prism Technologies Group is leading edge not bleeding edge. Being that new technology emerges on the market frequently, the company monitors and evaluates it first, while simultaneously being open to utilizing new products in which stability has been proven. An example is Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud offering. “When it first came out, IT professionals were hesitant,” Guinn said. “It was stable. It worked. It made sense, and we started deploying it to show its value.” After Office 365 had been online for a couple of years, Microsoft then required all of its certified partners to use it. At this point, a majority of IT professionals had not used it; however, in the time it had been on the market, Prism Technologies Group had become Microsoft Cloud experts with a great deal of success in launching it for their customers.

Providing value
Being that Prism Technologies Group is solutions oriented, the company’s primary focus is to understand its clients business. Before they begin any engagement, Prism Technologies Group seeks a full understanding of their clients’ processes and procedures so they can provide the correct IT recommendations for business growth. “We have a client that was going to experience an increase in staff, so their first thought was to buy all new computers for the new staff members,” Guinn explained.  “Knowing that the new employees would be hired over a period of time, we discussed the purpose and function of these incoming staff members, and developed a strategy for equipping them without an initial large capital expenditure resulting in an overall cost savings to the client.”

Prism Technology Group also provides value to its clients through best practices. Having worked with a variety of industries, ranging from non-profit organizations to governmental agencies, Prism Technologies Group is able to utilize the technology for enterprise customers and apply it to small businesses to give them an advantage in the marketplace. Prism Technologies Group understands businesses start out small, and with the right technical support, they will grow to their full potential.

High performance standards
One of the reasons Prism Technologies Group has been successful these past 10 years is because of their guarantee. The company promises to improve their clients’ IT environment or they pay up. They promise to deliver up to 99.999% reliability of their installed network environment. They guarantee a 60 minute rapid response whenever there is an IT issue. They also guarantee accuracy; jobs are done correctly, on time and within budget or else they pay the difference. Lastly, the company buys back any unused recommended hardware and software.

Industry experts
In addition to their credentials as a Microsoft partner, a Cisco Channel Partner and a member of the Apple Consultants Network, Prism Technologies Group also holds honors of distinction.  The company was nominated for the 2013 Microsoft Cloud Growth Partner of the Year for the U.S. SMB Central Region; Honored with an exclusive membership to the 2013 Microsoft SMB Champions Club as a Tier 1 Partner; Awarded the 2013 Microsoft Community Connections Partner of the Year for the U.S. SMB Central Region.

About Prism Technologies Group
Prism Technologies Group has been helping businesses improve their IT operations since 2003. Bryan Guinn, president, founded the company in San Antonio while attending the University of the Incarnate Word, and he has built the business into a company that generate $1.2 million in sales annually. Headquartered in San Antonio, the company services clients nationwide. The company consists of ten employees, some of which are located in Eagle Pass.