San Antonio Export Leaders Program Now Taking Applications!

fta-color-logo95% of consumers are outside the United States and if your company is not exploring an export market you will be missing out on potential business opportunities that can lead to higher profit margins for your company leading to more job creation for your business.

San Antonio and the region are in a special position to become an export powerhouse but there is no chance of reaching this point if Small and Medium-sized companies don’t take the initiative to either increase their exports or begin the export process for their companies.

There are over fifteen organizations in San Antonio that deal with international trade and many of the services they offer are underutilized by the local business community.

If you do not export now your business sales reach will be tied to a limited sales region and you will run the risk of any type of economic downturn bringing your sales down or even the closing of your business.

If you have another sales market, not only will you be more competitive but your business will depend on both the local and foreign markets, “better two than one”. This is one of the reasons the Export Leaders Program was created.

In cooperation with the City of San Antonio Economic Development Department, the International Trade Center, the U.S Department of Commerce and the Casa San Antonio Trade Offices in Mexico, the main goal of the program will be to provide practical information and insight to help you develop your sales abroad. The four-month program structure is intended to provide participants a broad understanding of exporting and to work comfortably internationally. During the program participants will learn or gain direct experience in:

  • International Marketing
  • International Payment Methods
  • Export Financing
  • Risk Management
  • International Logistics & Regulations.

Application Deadline is on July 31, 2013 (end of work day). For more information please contact Raul Rodriguez, Free Trade Alliance at:

Office- 210.209.8737