Pilot meter program part of larger effort to modernize aging electrical grid

Last year, CPS Energy installed 40,000 automated digital meters in a handful of neighborhoods around the city as part of a pilot program to make sure they work accurately and reliably before the utility installs the new meters system-wide by the end of 2016. CPS Energy is now in the final stages of selecting a vendor for the new meters. Once that process is complete, it will begin rolling them out to all customers.

As that process moves forward, the CPS Energy blog will address concerns about perceived privacy, accuracy and health issues, as well as costs, customer benefits and other areas in which our customers express interest. In the coming weeks, the CPS Energy blog will post stories that delve into each issue. We’ll talk to experts, advocates and detractors, and look at the latest science has to offer.

Here’s a link to our first story about the importance of building a modern grid.