SAWS M/WBE Program disparity study

180x150-SAWSSan Antonio Water System is currently embarking on a Minority and Woman-owned Business Disparity Study to help determine its utilization of Minority and Woman-owned Business Enterprises (M/WBEs). This study is part of the ongoing effort by the Board of Trustees and SAWS staff to ensure proper minority representation in contracts of all types that are awarded by SAWS. The Disparity Study will help to determine the availability of M/WBE businesses in the San Antonio area that are ready, willing, and able to contract with SAWS, and determine whether there are any gaps between M/WBE availability and the percentages of these firms utilized by SAWS.

To conduct this study effort, SAWS selected MGT of America. This firm will conduct telephone interviews with engineering firms, construction companies, and trade organizations in the San Antonio area. Here’s where we need your assistance: Starting the week of November 18, 2013, MGT of America will begin these telephone interviews. The interview will consist of 11 short questions that are critical to the success of this study, and will help gauge whether M/WBEs may be experiencing any barriers in doing business with SAWS. When a representative from MGT of America calls, we ask that you help us by participating in this short survey. Your honest feedback is critical, and the survey is completely confidential.

If you should have any questions regarding the survey or SAWS M/WBE Program Disparity Study, please contact Marisol Robles, SMWB Program Manager, at 210.233.3420 or