Unstoppable – A Guide Dog user’s perspective

3 Lisa and Clyde 2014By Lisa Batist

I used to think of myself as a real go-getter until I got Clyde, my Guide Dog. Now I am really a real go-getter! Never did I dream that on March 15, 2010 my life would be forever changed.  The joy, the unconditional love, the independence and the joyous one-on-one times I share with my boy could never have been given to me by any other.

I believe one of the true defining moments for Clyde and I was a situation where we were walking down a busy downtown street and a stranger followed us for a few blocks.  He finally stopped and talked to me.  He said, “Wow, when you walk together you both walk proudly and with such confidence.  You look straight ahead.  Your head is up and so is your dog’s!”   The reason this was such a defining moment for me relates back to my training with Clyde.  During training, I had a hard time looking up and forward.  I had to learn to trust Clyde enough so that I could walk looking straight ahead.  Not as easy as you all think!   But when a stranger complimented me that day, I realized that Clyde and I were there.  We are a team and a team that cannot be surpassed!

I could not have been matched more perfectly than I am with Clyde! I could never repay Guide Dogs of Texas for what they have given me. I will be eternally indebted to them for the unconditional love, independence and happiness that Clyde has brought to me and my family.

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