Internal promotion and workforce initiatives at Prism Technologies Group

Prism Technologies GroupPrism Technologies Group is pleased to announce its most tenured employee, James Leach has been promoted to director of client services. Leach, who has accelerated through the ranks of the managed IT services company, will utilize his expertise in applications, systems and networks to provide exceptional service to businesses, nonprofit organizations, government agencies and academic institutions.

selectHired in 2008, Leach has had the opportunity to learn and grow with the company. Already an established IT professional when he joined, Leach has been able to expand his core competencies as he learned to operate and repair new technology. In his six years at Prism Technologies Group, he has advanced from helpdesk technician to engineer, solutions architect, and now director of client services.

Leach’s goal is to fulfill the company’s vision by ensuring it is providing excellent customer service and exceptional products. “I am excited about returning to face-to-face customer contact and making sure our clients are happy,” Leach said. “In all the years I’ve worked here, providing excellent technical and customer support has always been a priority. In this role, I will do that as well as manage large scale projects, and help our technicians and engineers grow professionally.”

Workforce initiatives
Cultivating an environment where employees can learn and advance professionally is important to Bryan Guinn, president of Prism Technologies Group.  As a Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud partner and managed IT services company, a natural track exists in which technicians at varying skill levels can progress professionally. “We have several tiers of support, so employees have the ability to move up as positions become available,” Guinn said. “An employee who begins at the helpdesk can advance to a support specialist and engineer. From there, they can advance to a manager, director and perhaps an executive position.”

The key benefit to fostering professional growth within the company is twofold: employees become proficient at their job resulting in a higher level of service to their customers.  The company has a mentoring philosophy for its team dynamics. Patrick Felty, vice president of operations and business development said that taking a team approach to resolving complex technology issues is the key to their success.  “Our employees are given ownership of client support requests, and are encouraged to seek advice or support from each other to ensure our clients are taken care of in a professional and efficient manner,” Felty said.  “Since we see so many different configurations and unique situations every day, it is difficult for one person to be an expert in every aspect.  All of our employees are responsible for mentoring and supporting each other.  Their interaction with the client is the determining factor as to whether or not the client wants to continue doing business with us, and empowering our employees in this way results in an improved work environment for everyone.”

Training students and veterans
As the fastest growing Microsoft partner in the region, Prism Technologies Group expects to hire more IT professionals in the future. In addition to recruiting talent from agencies, professional groups and industry organizations, the company participates in St. Philip’s College’s internship program. The company has paid internships for a select number of college students to gain experience as a help desk specialist, and the labor hours are applied toward academic credit. Guinn said the internship is highly beneficial because interns are working with cloud computing, a technology that businesses are just beginning to utilize, so students are gaining experience they normally wouldn’t receive elsewhere.  In addition, some interns are veterans who have returned to school to begin a new career, so Prism Technologies Group is honored to help them develop skills in a new vocation. ■

About Prism Technologies Group
Prism Technologies Group has been helping businesses improve their IT operations since 2003, and it’s their mission to contribute to their clients’ success. The company, which has earned the highest certifications from notable stalwart companies such as Microsoft, Cisco and Apple, provides expert IT services to businesses, government agencies and nonprofit organizations across the United States. Prism Technologies Group has a solid performance record, and they guarantee reliable, responsive and efficient solution delivery. The company was founded by Bryan Guinn, who is an active North Chamber member.