Family Service Association: A Kidshare kid comes full circle

Family Services Assn log0Family Service Association of San Antonio has served the community for over 110 years. While the needs of the community have changed over time what has not changed is the continual empowerment of individuals and families to transform their lives and strengthen their communities. Across all of the programs that service individuals from twinkle to wrinkle; Family Service’s program, Kidshare, helps children by providing a safe and neutral environment for estranged parents to transfer children from one parent to the other.  At KidShare, the parents avoid contact with each other and children are shielded from tension, anger and fear.


Carly Bourke was seven when her parents separated. KidShare provided a way for Carly and her brother to spend time with their dad in a safe, supervised setting. “We were going through a lot. It was awkward, but the staff kept the visits positive. Also, a counselor who worked with us was such a nice man and made us feel safe. I loved everything about the place.” Carly is now 23 and works as a visitation monitor at KidShare. “I’ve always liked giving back to programs that helped me. I got counseling following an abusive relationship and I apply that knowledge to this work, as well as what I’ve learned being a parent. We see all social, economic and occupational levels in this work and it’s incredible to know we’re building a better, healthier community with stronger relationships.”

Carly is within a year of graduating from college, and this young mom of two little ones is an asset to our program.  She knows the benefits of KidShare from personal experience.  She’s why we do what we do:  Real Change for Real Kids.

Photo: Carly Bourke and her son