Five Highland High School students awarded Broadway Bank scholarships

BroadwayBank_Logo_tagHighlands High School Students with Jeanette Flores Westbrook Cheever BuildingHighlands High School Class of 2014 graduating seniors, Christian Garcia-Hernandez, Anthony Lopez, Jason Lopez, Artemio Ortiz and Eduardo Velazquez, took center stage as Broadway Bank awarded them each $2,000 scholarships in support of their next step in education. San Antonio Independent School District superintendent Sylvester Perez, Ed.D., and the executive director of the San Antonio Education Partnership (SAEP), Eyra Perez, joined with Jim Goudge, Broadway Bank, chief executive officer, and a large group of Broadway Bankers to recognize the students.

“It’s an honor to celebrate the success of these Broadway Bank scholarship recipients and to learn about their plans for the future,” said Sylvester Perez, Ed.D. “They have great aspirations, and this generous contribution toward their college education will bring them a step closer to achieving their goals.”

All five students are first generation college-goers and three of them boast a100 percent attendance rate. Broadway Bank awards these scholarships to students representing a different high school in Bexar County every year in collaboration with the SAEP.

Anthony Lopez plans to study electrical engineering at the University of Texas at San Antonio. He said, “I want to create a company that brings jobs here to San Antonio, Texas, my hometown.”

Christian Garcia-Hernandez with Jeannette Westbrook FloresGarcia-Hernandez plans to attend Northeast Lakeview College then transfer to UTSA. He is both a first generation high school graduate and college student. He said, “I’m very determined to graduate from college.”

Jason Lopez was thrilled to receive the scholarship. He never missed a day of school and will study technology engineering at UTSA. He said, “The reason I want to study engineering is because I want to be able to make a big change in the world. I even want to make history.”

Ortiz said, “I want to become a cyber-security computer programmer. I know it will not be easy but I will strive to succeed and reach my future goals.” He has 100 percent attendance and also plans to study at UTSA.

Eduardo Velazquez has a 98 average and has 100 percent attendance. He will study music performance at UTSA. He said, “For my career, I wish to be a music educator or instructor able to make a positive difference in children’s lives through music.”

Highlands High School Students with checksBroadway Bank’s Jeannette Flores Westbrook, senior vice president, community reinvestment, said, “There is no better investment than to help students pursue their dreams for a brighter future.” She told the students, “This scholarship means more than just dollars, it’s about giving you confidence and inspiration to realize your full potential. We all believe in you and we wish you the best.”

This is the fifth year that Broadway Bank and the SAEP have partnered to award these scholarships.

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