Welcoming new puppies for guide dog training – can you help?

Guide Dogs of Texas logoIt’s that time of year and we couldn’t be more excited. This year will bring at least one, possibly two, litters of new pups to Guide Dogs of Texas. At GDTX, these pups have been specially bred for a life as a guide dog. Great care is taken with these pups from the very moment they are born. Planning begins months in advance and that is where you come in.

We are creating a special nursery to raise the puppies during their first eight weeks of life and to develop their sensory, social, problem-solving and physical skills in preparation for their future jobs. We are re-configuring the available space and are stocking the nursery. We are in need of puppy supplies to include a whelping pool, video baby monitor, exercise pens, storage tubs, baby wipes, feeding supplies, puppy ID bands, very special small collars, and puppy development toys, to name a few.

Guide Dogs IMG_7772Mom will need special veterinary care and lab work prior to delivery, and once the puppies arrive, the vet will be extra busy with initial vet visits to include thorough exams and shots. The puppies will be acclimating to all kinds of sights and sounds from the moment they are born. Toys are used to encourage exploration and to test curiosity. Every precaution is taken to help these puppies put their best paw forward for a life as the eyes for a visually impaired Texan. Can you help?

We estimate the cost of the supplies listed here to be approximately $5,000. Your donation today, in any amount, will help us to stock the nursery. All contributors to the breeding program will receive an invitation to “Puppy Induction,” the day when the puppies graduate from the nursery and are sent home with volunteer Puppy Raisers. Mark your donation for “Breeding Program” and your gift will be used to welcome the new puppies in 2014.

To Donate now online please go to https://www.youcaring.com/GDTxPuppyProgram