Leadership Lab Alumni Association Chair: Karen Guz #SAWS


Guz_KarenAbout the Company: The mission of San Antonio Water System (SAWS) is to provide secure affordable water services for their customers. Since the formation of SAWS, San Antonio has been recognized nationally for its novel conservation efforts and proactive water management planning, making San Antonio water’s most resourceful city. As the Conservation Director for SAWS Karen leads a team that assures efficient use of our water resources through programs that engage people in their homes and businesses.

About the Program: The Leadership Lab Alumni Association is an unincorporated affiliate of the North San Antonio Chamber of Commerce and serves the alumni of the North SA Chamber Leadership Lab program by supporting and fostering the relationships developed by participation in Lab; providing alumni ongoing opportunities for leadership development and the establishment of new business and personal relationships; providing support and resources to Lab participants and to association members; enhancing the image and visibility of Lab and alumni in the community; and marketing association members to other business members of the Chamber.

Personally Speaking: Karen says, “The North Chamber has the capacity to bring together an enormous variety of business and community leaders who share a vision of a thriving and vibrant community. North Chamber working groups and events provide opportunities for individual professional growth, but also enhance community economic opportunities.”