It’s Time to Rediscover Print

With misinformed initiatives floating around, such as Go Paperless in 2013 heavily promoted by big players in the web marketing industry like Google, it’s no wonder marketers are hesitant to invest in print media. The print industry has long battled the false designation as an environmentally destructive entity, when in all actuality they have been one of the biggest proponents of environmental sustainability. It’s time to make that message loud and clear, and Rediscover Print is here to help you do just that.

Contrary to popular belief, roughly 600 million trees are planted every year by the paper and forest products industry, far surpassing the amount harvested. That’s about 1.7 million trees per day and three trees for every one harvested. As a result, there are more forests in the US today than there were 50 years ago. In fact, the paper industry is one of the largest users of low-carbon energy in the world. Nearly 60% of the energy used to make paper in the US comes from carbon neutral renewable resources and is produced on site at mills. From recycling to energy usage, commercial printers are making great strides in reducing their environmental footprint. With the ability to support the marketer’s commitment to sustainability through the use of greener products and processes every step of the way, print is the natural choice for communication.

Understanding the options and strengths of today’s messaging vehicles is crucial to building an effective marketing campaign. That’s why the PIAG Educational Foundation has launched Rediscover Print, a mixed media campaign that offers information and education aimed at helping marketers intelligently incorporate print into the mix for maximum results. The Rediscover Print campaign was developed by the Printing & Imaging Association of Georgia Educational Foundation and is funded by a generous group of annual contributions. The PIAG Educational Foundation is a charitable organization created by PIAG to ensure a bright future for the printing and imaging community through a focus on education. Through Rediscover Print, the Foundation aims to open a dialogue between the marketing and communications community and the print industry. Our goal is to better understand the needs of the marketing industry and to help you become their print media resource. Rediscover Print is the first step in what we hope will become a valuable partnership between the marketing industry and our own.

In a world where our communications have become more digital in nature, we’ve lost sight of the unique qualities that make print so effective – and at times, the smartest choice for delivering our message. While new technologies have given birth to countless new media, the same innovations have also provided advancements in print. The result is a wider variety of price points, creativity, speed and flexibility. Rediscover Print is committed to searching out credible information, case studies, and statistics about print in order to expose marketing professionals to the trends and tactics that help them make a positive impact in their communications.

Rediscover Print is designed to communicate the benefits of print as an essential element of a company’s overall marketing strategy. By understanding the facts about the printing and paper industries’ role in environment, how consumers respond differently to print, and what research confirms about print’s ROI, we hope to create an atmosphere of print friendliness that permeates the decisions of those who hear our message. To learn more, visit

Submitted by: Ray Trevino, Eagle Print