Did you know spending money on new lighting can actually make you money?

TritonThanks to advanced lighting technologies such as LED technology, there has never been a better time to upgrade your facility or building and get it paid for by using other people’s money and the power of leverage while potentially putting cash in your company’s pocket immediately. High-efficiency upgrades can save your business lots of money while improving the light quality and output in your buildings. Businesses both large and small are eligible for commercial lighting rebates regardless of the size of the upgrade … up to 40% in rebates in many cases! When the project is financed, the savings should more than cover the payments with some cash left over compared to what was budgeted for those higher energy bills. Lighting upgrades and retrofits present the easiest opportunities for organizations to make dramatic, long-lasting improvements in efficiency, especially during these times of fiscal uncertainty. Energy cost reductions make huge differences in a company’s bottom line. After payroll, energy is part of the largest operating costs for most business operations.

According to North Chamber member, Dr. Edward Sakiewicz, President & Managing Partner of Triton Energy Solutions, “Lighting expenses account for at least 43% of a company’s energy expenses. It is our job to educate decision makers about the government incentives that are now available that will not only help reduce their energy consumption, but motivate them to get their projects done now while incentives and rebates are still available. It’s all about illumi­nating their businesses and their bottom line.” So if you could have an opportunity to retrofit and/or upgrade your lighting system for $50,000.00, for example, then get 40% back through rebates, then add in tax incentives where applicable, while saving anywhere from 50%-80% on your monthly energy bill, is that a financial no-brainer, or what?

Companies today are getting more and more pressure to become more sustainable and green-conscious by adopting more energy-efficient methods of operating their enterprises. Triton Energy So­lutions predicts new standards will continue to be raised, but warns that available rebates and other incentives are significantly decreasing every year. In fact, the signs are already here where locally, rebates were up to 75% on lighting just a couple of years ago. Now, in 2013, it has dropped significantly to 40% or less. Jennyfer Sakiewicz, Chief Operating Officer & Managing Partner states, “We’re committed to keeping abreast of those standards so that we can educate and alert our customers to these facts and lead the marketplace with the best products, systems and services available”.

So don’t wait …get your rebate! Call Triton Energy Solutions today for a FREE, no-obligation energy audit at 210/735-4866 and let us illuminate your bottom line.