Security Service launches new ad campaigns

Security Services Federal Credit UnionSecurity Service Federal Credit Union today announced the launch of a new advertising campaign targeting bilingual, bicultural members and a second campaign focused on what great customer service feels like. The campaigns are comprised of several television and radio spots and billboards, showcasing both the expected and unexpected humor in life. Both campaigns were created by Austin-based Greatest Common Factory (GCF).

In the first campaign, a father of the bride laments in Spanish the cake his daughter wants “is bigger than my first house, the guest list is the phone book, and people are allergic to food – so we’re serving every food.” A Security Service teller reassures him in English, “you’ve planned and saved smart for this wedding; everything’s going to be fine.” She then expresses her condolences that she won’t be able to attend, prompting the gentleman to grasp her hands and say in English, “bless you.”  Watch the video at

While the ad has also been produced in all-Spanish and all-English versions, “we recognize that many of our members are fluent in both English and Spanish and move fluidly between the two in everyday conversations,” said Greg Stroud, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Security Service.

“We actually wrote the script as two separate versions,” said John Trahar, GCF Co-founder and Creative Managing Partner. “As we went into pre-production, we decided to cut a version where the lines overlapped seamlessly. It really captured the reality of the relationship Security Service has with its members, the credit union’s understanding of what members need to succeed in life, and how its products and services can help.”

In a second ad, a harried mom sitting in her minivan at the Security Service drive thru reflects on a recent date night with her husband, complete with flowers, Champagne and “not a single chicken finger.” A Security Service teller tells her she “can make it” until the next weekend’s date, sending her some wet wipes through the pneumatic tube to mop up a drink hurled at her from the back seat. To view the ad, visit

The second series focuses on conveying the unexpected joy of being on the receiving end of really great customer service.

Each ad begins with a friendly Security Service spokesman saying he could try to describe a service product such as shared branching or mobile banking, but his use of air quotes suggests that bland, overused words won’t convey the emotional effect of his credit union’s offerings. “Service isn’t something you hear,” he intones, “it’s something you feel.”

One spot in the campaign then cuts to a child’s birthday party. The birthday boy swings at a large piñata hanging from a tree in the backyard. But instead of candy falling out, a shiny, new pickup truck drops to the ground. To view this ad, visit

Another ad cuts to a scene of average-guy Gary approaching a romantic restaurant to meet Veronica, an out-of-his-league, website-made match. A slow jam plays as Gary meets the tall, friendly beauty. She smiles and utters a line that no online dater who has had a brush with reality has ever heard: “Your profile picture doesn’t do you justice, handsome.” See it at

“Yep, feels like that,” each commercial concludes, cutting quickly back to the Security Service spokesman. The spot ends with the tagline: “Feel how banking’s supposed to feel. Feel it for yourself, at Security Service Federal Credit Union.”

“GCF really did an outstanding job helping us capture the feeling you get when your expectation for service is not only met, but exceeded,” said Stroud. “That’s something we strive for daily at Security Service.”

The ads are scheduled to air in three states: Texas, Colorado, and Utah. “With ads that run the gamut from puppies to piñatas, there’s something everyone can relate to as we share what service means to us,” he added.

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Security Service Federal Credit Union offers competitive, affordable financial products and services designed to meet the needs of its members. Security Service is an industry-leading financial institution with more than $7 billion in assets and 70 locations in Texas, Colorado, and Utah. Headquartered in San Antonio, the credit union is among the top 10 credit unions in the nation and is the largest in San Antonio. Security Service strives to be America’s best credit union and provides the true benefits of credit union membership with financial services of the highest quality and value. Learn more at or call 1-888-415-7878.

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