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DailyBread_4cMission Statement
Using our faith, food, and facility, we partner with businesses, churches, nonprofits, and Christian Ministries to have a life-transforming impact on the hungry and under-served through nutritional, educational, and health support services.

Since 1996, our efforts to “glean,” or reclaim food and other necessities has resulted not only in environmental stewardship, but more importantly, transferring millions of pounds of food and household goods to struggling families.  In 2013, we distributed 4.3 million pounds of food and other basic necessities to 120 organizations which fed over 300,000 individuals, many of which are single moms and their children. We have partnerships with over 30 food sellers within our city, and also receive intermittent food shipments from several national food organizations. With a small staff of 8, we rely heavily on our 1,500+ annual volunteers. Over 100 arrive in mass three times a week to sort and separate goods for distribution, as well as clean and take care of our facility.

In 2012, Daily Bread Ministries purchased a 163,000 square foot which is being developed into a robust community center, called the Liberty Center. The new additions will play a critical role in ending hunger and poverty for the families in the surrounding neighborhoods and the Greater San Antonio Area. Over the next 3-5 years, we will see the completion of our center, with co-located services provided by partner nonprofits in the areas of education, nutrition, job and health support for the under-served in the area.

Our plans include:

  • A commercial kitchen, which will allow us to provide hot meals in addition to offering culinary job training and nutrition classes
  • Fitness Center and sports courts
  • Meeting rooms
  • Classrooms and computer labs for mentoring and educational development
  • Game areas
  • Music venue and theater for arts and conferences


Daily Bread Ministries is located at 6351 Rittiman Road in San Antonio, Texas. DBM can be reached by phone (210-223-4707) or by email.
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Current Needs
We are always accepting volunteers and donations! Please visit our website for more information on how you can make a difference with Daily Bread Ministries.

Here are our other current areas of need:

  • Canned goods
  • A 26 foot refrigerated truck. We are needing this to comply with the City of San Antonio Health Department regulations and will greatly improve our ability to serve the community.
  • An electric industrial pallet jack to assist in warehouse maintenance.
  • Racking for our warehouse