Health coverage vs. health care

01-FaithFamilyLogo“Now that everyone will have medical insurance, what is your non-profit, charity clinic going to do?”  I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked that question by people who still do not understand the gaps that remain in the healthcare arena.

Faith Family Clinic is unique in that we do not receive government funding to provide medical care and are truly a community supported organization.  Serving in a Medically Underserved Area (MUA) we encounter high percentages of racial/ethnic minorities who live in communities characterized by a confluence of multiple levels of disadvantage: too few primary care providers, high rates of poverty, and poor population health.  Those making less than 133% of federal poverty level ($26,321 for family of 3) are not required to purchase insurance because they make too little and they work for a company which does not provide medical coverage.  In San Antonio, this represents a single mom with two children who makes $12/hour.  Maybe you know her as the waitress who served you lunch, or works at the dry cleaners, or convenience store where you get your car filled.

Every day we struggle to accommodate the requests from these working families who need to see a doctor in a timely fashion.  From a simple cold or flu to more serious conditions of diabetes and asthma, the working poor need quality healthcare they can afford.  However, there is still a gap between affordable coverage and affordable care.  Some have found medical insurance coverage that they may be able to afford, but they find it comes with an extremely high deductible.  Just this week I talked to a pastor of a smaller congregation who was able to find an insurance policy for his family of 6 but it came with a $10,000 deductible!  While he may have found affordable coverage, he will continue to struggle with affordable care.

dollar-e1352058119864MemberCare is our primary care membership solution for individuals or businesses who want to offer cost-effective access to medical care.  We have found smaller employers with under 50 employees, though not required to provide medical coverage, that are interested in offering benefits that are cost-effective for them and beneficial to the employee and family.  By providing employees with affordable access to quality, primary medical care employers may also help reduce turnover, absenteeism, increase productivity as well as enhance recruitment to their “small shop”.  Faith Family MemberCare works like a gym membership.  Enrolled employees and their enrolled family members have access to all the primary medical care they need, when they need it for a flat monthly fee.  MemberCare is NOT insurance but actual membership in our clinics at $50/month for one, $75/ month for two or $100/month for the whole family at no additional costs, office fees or co-pays.

In our world of rising healthcare costs and limited coverage, Faith Family Clinic is committed to our mission of providing health and wellness services to the working uninsured and under-insured residents of our community.  For more information call 210-653-1511 or email

Jim Young, Executive Director/Founder