Weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth!

FFClinic logoBy now we are all so tired of healthcare issues that screaming is heard all over the city! But a louder scream is heard by those individuals who struggle every day with medical issues and do not have access to affordable health care.  In San Antonio, over 394,000 people hope and pray they never get sick because they do not have health insurance.

Faith Family Clinic provided medical care to over 7,500 people last year who did not have medical insurance. As a non-profit medical facility we have a mission to provide working families with affordable and compassionate medical care.  As a full service medical practice, we treat conditions that range from the flu and colds to major issues such as chronic care for diabetes and asthma as well as routine physicals and immunizations.

Our physicians are board certified and experienced in dealing with a wide array of health issues. We believe that the practice of medicine is NOT a business with the sole focus of profit and loss, but a service and ministry to hard working families who happen to work in their own business or a business that does not provide medical insurance.  While profit and loss is important it is not our driving force.  Compassionate care and the use of volunteers allow us to expand our capacity and do things that many doctors no longer attempt. An example is setting broken bones and doing minor surgical procedures in our offices that was once normal in many doctor’s offices.  Two such surgeons are Dr. David Person and Dr. Dilma Ruiz who provide exceptional care. Another is Dr. Coleman Driver and his wife Jody who provide ophthalmology care in our clinic.

We are proud to announce that at the end of 2013, the Baptist Health Foundation of San Antonio has awarded Faith Family Clinic a grant of $300,000 and the CHRISTUS Health Fund awarded us grant of $80,000. These resources will allow us to expand our capacity and care for the working uninsured.  It is through foundations and charitable giving that we are able to provide quality medical care to those who work hard but go without medical benefits.

Our Prescription for 2014 – a hefty dose of MemberCare! If you or your employees do not have health care benefits then you will want to consider becoming part of our MemberCare family for only $50 per month for yourself or $100 a month for the whole family. Our MemberCare participants will receive unlimited primary medical care at no additional cost.  Combine MemberCare with a high deductible health policy and your ObamaCare worries are gone!  Call 210-653-15611 today or email membercare@faithfamilyclinic.org for more information.