Ambassador of the Quarter – David Quintanilla, Quint-Essential Tax and Financial Professionals


David Quintanilla Quint-Essential Tax and Financial Professionals

About the Company: Quint-Essential Tax and Financial Professionals is a family-owned business specializing in taxes, accounting, and financial services. David’s and his wife Debby own and operate the business with an emphasis on their clients’ entire financial situation. The couple takes a holistic approach to managing tax burdens and financial well-being.

About their Service: The North SA Chamber is happy to honor David as the Ambassador of the third quarter. David truly exemplifies the heart of the ambassador program. He continuously offers his time and service to make the newest members of the North Chamber feel celebrated and connected to a greater community. David led a Team of Ambassadors to win “Team of the Quarter” three times in 2012 and then advanced to Co-Chair the following year. David was an exceptional leader as the Chairman of the committee in 2014 and the North Chamber is grateful for his service.

Personally Speaking: David’s first involvement with the North Chamber was back in 2010 when he attended his first Networking Breakfast. He met a woman who was an Ambassador and she convinced him to join the committee. Since then he has also been a member of the Health and Wellness committee and the Government Affairs committee. David says, “Being an Ambassador, allows me to meet other business owners face to face and to interact with them. When this happens, we all benefit and that is what is supposed to happen in any chamber of commerce – we all benefit by our involvement and the North Chamber makes it happen.”