Have a whale of a good time in Omni San Antonio’s new Aquatica Suite

Omni logo imageThe Omni San Antonio Hotel at the Colonnade has long been a favorite destination for families traveling to the Alamo City and a new “attraction” there is sure to create even more excitement for kids.

This March, the Omni Colonnade will unveil its new kids’ fantasy suite, Aquatica. Created through a partnership with SeaWorld San Antonio and the Art Institute of San Antonio – this one of a kind suite transports children into an imaginary oceanic world complete with a coral reef and fascinating sea life, as well as all of the comforts of the “modern world” including double flat screen TV’s, video consoles, and Sting Ray bean bag chairs.

“You really have to see this suite to believe it,” said Delfin Ortiz, the General Manager of the Omni San Antonio Hotel at the Colonnade and the visionary behind the project. “Our goal in designing this unique suite was simple: from the minute our young guests literally slide into the room we want them to be mesmerized and inspired by their surroundings.”

Omni Aquatica Suite

Dwight Driskill with Sea World San Antonio gives his vote of approval as construction continues on the new Omni Colonnade Aquatica Suite.

The fantasy suite, designed by Art Institute interior design student Katelyn Goudge, includes a brilliant aqua-blue “ocean floor,” bubble chairs designed to create the illusion of a beneath-the-ocean hang out, a floor-to-ceiling 3D coral wall; and a built-in salt water aquarium featuring life fish, coral reefs, seaweed and plenty of bubbles.

To give kids plenty of room to enjoy their ocean paradise, a pair of specially designed Murphy beds unfold from the wall. A treasure chest filled with books and costumes provides plenty of opportunity for children’s imaginations to run wild.

For the adults, there’s an adjoining bedroom and separate bathroom. Checking on the kids is easy even when the door between the two rooms is closed thanks to a creative porthole in the door.

The Aquatica Suite will be finished by March 1, coinciding with Sea World’s 50th anniversary. The Aquatica Suite along with the hotel’s other fantasy suite, is setting a new creative standard for kid-centric hotel suites, and is the talk of the industry across the U.S.

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