“Walk of Independence” Memorial at Guide Dogs of Texas

Guide Dogs of Texas logoby Steve Cardenas, Outreach Manager, Guide Dogs of Texas

The human-animal bond is a fascinating phenomenon that sets the course for success with each and every dog born into our guide dog program at Guide Dogs of Texas.

The bonds with our guide dogs begin at birth, when we cradle the newborn pups to acclimate them to human touch, and continues to strengthen as the pups bond with their foster puppy raisers, then their dedicated professional Guide Dog Mobility Instructors. The instructors train the dogs how to guide, avoid obstacles and use their own initiatives to make decisions.

Finally, it is time for this special dog to brighten a blind Texan’s life. After a thorough client assessment; the right dog is matched to the right Texan. It is a life changing partnership which will last for many years. On average, guide dogs retire at the age of ten years while some dogs may work longer.

GuideDogs USE Steve and Cody ID photoMy own life has been deeply changed by my first guide dog, Willow, and now by my second guide dog, Cody. These two loving and caring animals have given me the gifts of freedom, independence and mobility. I count both of them among the greatest blessings in my life.

At Guide Dogs of Texas, we understand how deeply a human-animal bond can run, so we created a “Walk of Independence” dedicated to people and animals, which have made a positive impact on our lives. You can honor your loved ones – human or animal – AND support the charitable work of Guide Dogs of Texas too.

Our dogs travel on this walkway often while training to become Guide Dogs.

You may order an engraved memorial brick, and a substantial portion of your donation will support the Guide Dogs of Texas mission. Your memorial brick will be set within our dedicated walkway. Join loyal pet lovers who have honored their relationships already.

Two levels of memorial bricks are available for placement on the dedicated walkway at the Guide Dogs of Texas headquarters.

GuideDogsBricks_photoSmall Brick $100
3 lines, 14 letters/spaces per line.
Large Brick $500
16” x 16” with a logo and company name; 12 lines, 28 spaces/letters.
To order a brick today, call 1-800-831-9231 or go online to http://guidedogsoftexas.org/how-to-help/donate/brick-sales/

Guide Dogs of Texas provides quality guide dogs for Texans who are visually impaired to increase their freedom, mobility, and independence. We are committed to personalized service and lifelong dedication to our clients and their guide dogs. To learn more about what we do or how you can help go to www.guidedogsoftexas.org

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