Ambassadors Chair: David Quintanilla, Quint-Essential Tax and Financial Professionals

Quintanilla_DavidAbout the Company: Quint-Essential Tax and Financial Professionals provides their clients with the knowledge, advice and tools necessary to maintain financial viability in the present, while taking a proactive approach to achieve future goals. Their mission is to build long-term relationships with clients by thoroughly understanding their wants and needs in every financial situation. Quint-Essential Tax and Financial Professionals offers their best in customer service, honest client communications, due diligence and sound analysis in every aspect of taxes and wealth management.

About the Program: The Ambassadors committee is the front line service group that supports member businesses by attending grand opening, relocation, anniversary and other special celebrations. The Ambassadors committee offers a prime opportunity to position your business within the community while earning personal recognition, providing good will to member businesses and gaining helpful information on a variety of topics at monthly meetings.

Personally Speaking: David has been involved with Ambassadors for three years and says, “Being a member of the North Chamber has been a thrill for me. As an Ambassador, I have met many different people from various industries and have expanded my network exponentially.” David says his involvement has helped him gain referrals, new clients and close friends. “This is what the Chamber is all about – helping businesses become successful and having fun at the same time,” he adds.