Special Alert: North SA Chamber has recently changed email providers, please add domain @northsachamber.com to your email whitelist or safelist

whitelisting-250x259Here at the North SA Chamber, we recently changed our outgoing email provider. Now email messages are coming from email provider “Reflexion” and it may affect the email addresses that your email server may have previously allowed from domain name @northsachamer.com.

As a result, legitimate messages from the North SA Chamber might be totally rejected as spam or be placed in a spam/junk folder. To ensure that your company receives North SA Chamber emails, please add our domain to your whitelist/safelist.

We respectfully request that you forward this message to your IT department or provider to facilitate this procedure. The process to do this will vary with your email provider as some manage the whitelist/safelist on the entire domain level, and others have the individual accounts managed through your email software (Outlook for example). In either case, please add “*@northsachamber.com” rather than a specific email server IP address or network to your whitelist/safelist.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we work through this transition period.

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For questions, please contact:
Deb Zucker
Vice President of Finance & Technology
North SA Chamber
(210) 384-7720