SER Jobs for Progress of San Antonio provides education, training, job development and placement

SERlogoSER Jobs for Progress of San Antonio is a community based non-profit organization that has been providing education, training, job development and job placement services in Bexar County for over 40 years. Since 1998, SER has successfully operated the One-Stop Workforce Career Centers in the San Antonio area. SER has been recognized as one of the top performing workforce contractors in the State of Texas during this period by the Texas Workforce Commission.

Through the operation of the career centers, SER provides workforce development services to job seekers as well as businesses. SER provides these services to thousands of job seekers and businesses each year. Job seekers have access to numerous resources in the career centers to include computer resource labs, job leads, General Information Sessions, Getting Started and Job Readiness classes, labor market information, staff support and more. Businesses can utilize career center recruiting areas, interview rooms, classrooms, labor market information, staff support from Business Services Representatives among other available resources. All of these resources are provided for the purpose of identifying, preparing and matching job seekers to meet the needs and requirements of the businesses for their mutual benefit.

SER recognizes that their primary customer is the business community in Bexar County. Their strategy is to identify businesses that are in growth industries and those that offer good career opportunities to individuals. By finding and working with these businesses, SER will also satisfy the needs of the job seekers that access their career center services.

SER has a team of Business Services Representatives (BSR) that is responsible for outreaching to businesses to make them aware of the services, programs and resources that are available to them.

These BSR’s meet with businesses to gain an understanding of their workforce related needs and then develop customized solutions utilizing available programs and services.

Following are some of the key services that are provided to businesses by SER:

  1. Assistance with the use of This is the State of Texas developed and sponsored job search and matching system.
  2. Recruiting assistance. This includes individual and group job fairs, identifying and screening of candidates, promotion of hiring needs and more.
  3. On-the-Job Training program. This program provides a wage subsidy, up to 90%, to a business when they hire and train designated job seekers.
  4. Labor Market Information. Wage and other employment related data by area, industry, occupation and other criteria.
  5. Work Opportunity Tax Credit program. This program provides businesses with up to $9600 tax credit when they hire from designated job seeker groups such as Disabled Veterans.
  6. Skills for Small Businesses. This program provides businesses, with fewer than 100 employees, with up to $1450, per employee, to upgrade the skills of new workers.

There are no fees for these services as they are funded through the payroll taxes that are paid by local businesses. These workforce programs and services represent dollars being returned to the community for use by businesses and residents in the community.

SER has a very experienced group of BSR’s who possess an excellent understanding of workforce programs and services. They are able to develop solutions for businesses that help them address and resolve their workforce related issues. When working with businesses, the BSR’s are able to act as and become part of that organization. The SER Business Services team is ready and available to work with any business, small, medium or large.

SER believes that a skilled workforce gives local businesses a competitive advantage which, in turn, generates positive outcomes for the business, the worker and the community at large. If you have interest in learning more about the programs and services that are provided by SER, please contact the Business Services Group at 210-438-0586.