Help Elf Louise bring toys to children this Christmas!

Elf Louise packages ready for Santa SPMThe Elf Louise Christmas Project (ELCP) needs a home for the 2014 Holidays. ELCP needs an “angel” to loan the use of a building or provide underwriting for a short-term lease on space from November 1, 2013 until January 15, 2014. Please help us spread the word. This is what the Elf needs to set up the Workshop:

  • Approximately 50,000 sq. ft. of donated space, preferably in one building, but it could be in smaller contiguous spaces, such as in a strip mall
  • ELCP provides insurance and can provide a rider for the property
  • ELCP has been able to help with the cost of utilities (if needed) in the recent past
  • Warehouse space with some air conditioning is ideal – need to be able to run a forklift
  • A loading dock or the capacity to bring in overseas shipping crates needed
  • High ceilings are a great benefit
  • A central location preferred, not far from down town, due to the price of gas (Santa teams provide their own gas)

Time is of the essence because the informational materials for volunteers and media need to include the location and physical address for the Project. The volunteers will leave the location in better condition than they found it! Read more about Elf Louise at

Santas wait for Elf Louise packagesFor the 45th year, Elf Louise will provide presents for San Antonio children who otherwise might have been forgotten at Christmas. In 2012, approximately 19,000 children in 5,460 families experienced the joy of an Elf Louise Christmas. You can help make this project a reality this holiday season.

Please contact ELCP Director Bill Harrison at (210) 843-9237 or Elf Louise Locker at (210) 829-1467, or email the project at