When personal service counts: SSFCU remodels multiple branches at member request

Security Services Federal Credit UnionThe trend in banking these days is self-service…more kiosks, Internet banking, mobile apps. But Security Service Federal Credit Union members are speaking loud and clear. They want on-site, personal service, not necessarily the integration of bricks and clicks.

Before video tellers were all the rage…

When remote teller systems were first introduced by SSFCU more than 13 years ago (1999), they became a prototype for other credit unions across the country. The remote tellers offered increase security, reduced expenses and optimized efficiency, while bridging the gap between full-service and self-serve transactions, providing an alternative to more traditional teller lines.

But as technology improves through more accessible self-service options, SSFCU members made it clear they didn’t need or want the bridge anymore. They wanted personal service onsite with self-service options off site.

So, it’s a refocus on personal service and relationships…


Listening, SSFCU recently completed renovating several branches, getting rid of remote tellers and going back to face-to-face, one-on-one banking. So far, in the San Antonio area, three branches are complete.

With a matching focus on the digital side…

Juxtaposing this move to more personal, relational service in its branches, SSFCU also recently launched its new online and mobile versions of myBranch digital banking services.

“The credit union just hit $7 billion in assets,” says president Jim Laffoon  “While we continue to grow, we never want to lose site of the most important part of our work – serving our members.”