Baptist Heart and Rhythm Center Defines the New Beat of Heart Health in San Antonio and South Texas

BHS logo-281aCenter is First to Offer Stereotaxis Robotic Navigation to Heart Patients  

The Baptist Heart and Rhythm Center is the first in San Antonio to offer Stereotaxis Robotic Navigation System to heart patients in the South Texas area. The system, which offers 10 times less risk for major complications during procedure, is used to correct heart arrhythmia.

Previously, heart patients had to travel to Austin, Dallas or Houston for this type of procedure. Baptist’s team of physicians, who are the only ones in the area trained in the use of Stereotaxis, which is an improved method of catheter ablation that makes complex procedures safer.

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Heart arrhythmia involves an issue with the rate and rhythm of the heartbeat. Many heart rhythm disorders can be cured by a minimally invasive procedure known as catheter ablation. Standard catheter ablation of arrhythmias requires stiff catheters with a limited range of motion that makes navigating in the heart challenging and sometimes dangerous.

Stereotaxis Robotic Navigation System is a trusted, low-risk technology that has been in use since 2003. The system creates a weak magnetic field around a patient that is manipulated by an integrated computer and 3D mapping system to drive flexible, magnetic-tipped catheters within the heart with extreme precision. The amount of pressure on heart tissue during the procedure is as light as four to five paperclips resting in the palm of a hand. The technology’s one millimeter precision gives surgeons greater control and better stability than can be achieved by hand and enables them to place catheters with remarkable accuracy — accuracy equivalent to less than the thickness of a penny. The amount of radiation that patients and doctors are normally exposed to during standard catheter ablation procedures is also greatly reduced with Stereotaxis.

“We are committed to the care of our patients. With the Stereotaxis technology in place, we are building a new level of dedication and trust for focused, safer heart rhythm care in San Antonio and South Texas that helps patients return quickly to a normal and active life,” said Dr. Stephen Scott Reich, MD, FHRS clinical cardiac electrophysiologist.

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