The North San Antonio Chamber has a long history as an advocate for business-friendly initiatives and legislation, as well as infrastructure improvements. The North SA Chamber consistently champions a pro-business agenda and endeavors to serve as a collective voice to represent its large and small business members in government policy and legislative issues at the local, state, and federal levels.

Government Affairs (Ongoing)

The North SA Chamber explores legislative, political, and civic issues, and works with other businesses, community groups, chambers of commerce, and city, county, and state government and agencies to solve problems. The North SA Chamber Board of Directors takes positions of endorsement or opposition of such issues.

Infrastructure (Ongoing)

The North SA Chamber monitors and suggests necessary changes and/or improvements regarding roads, drainage and other infrastructure issues. The North Chamber Board of Directors takes positions of endorsement or opposition of such issues.

Legislative Agenda (PDF)

The Texas Legislature will be in session beginning in January 2021 and under the leadership of the Government Affairs Council Chair and the 2021 Legislative Chair, the North SA Chamber will work with the Bexar County legislative delegation to ensure that the voices of business – both large and small, are heard and that the issues that are important to them are represented in Austin and Washington D.C. Our legislative agenda can be downloaded below as well as some resources.

Special Projects & Initiatives

Periodically, through partnerships with concerned entities, the North SA Chamber will initiate special projects and endeavors that improve or advance the business, civic, higher education, or city/county government sectors. Such projects are typically identified by the Government Affairs Council, Infrastructure Council, and Board of Directors, and are voted on and either endorsed or opposed by the Board of Directors prior to implementation.

Mayor’s Vision for San Antonio (Annual Program)

Attendees hear firsthand the Mayor’s plans for San Antonio during a luncheon program featuring a keynote address by the Mayor of the City of San Antonio.

State of the County Address (Annual Program)

Attendees get “the Bexar facts” regarding County priorities directly from County Judge Nelson Wolff during a luncheon program.